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Press Release

Press Release

Investor Advocate Takes Action Against Nevada Treasurer Kate Marshall

Investor advocate and public finance watchdog has launched in response to Nevada Treasurer Kate Marshall not helping Muni Market investors nor wanting to clean up U.S. public finance.

Kate Marshall claims leadership of this Country's State Treasurers. I reached out to her, tried to work with her, but Kate Marshall said no to investors. It is inexplicable she would say no. My opinion is Kate Marshall knows very little if anything about the Muni Markets nor public finance.

The site will also warn Nevada bond buyers about the dangers of investing in Nevada bonds. "Investors are expected to buy Nevada bonds and hold them to maturity," Olson said, "But if those investors want – or need – to sell, there is no chance of getting a fair and reasonable bid." Olson explained that most brokerages do not provide bids on the bonds – even those brokerages involved in selling or underwriting them. "If you buy Municipal Bonds, you – and your heirs – are stuck with them," Olson added. "There is no Muni Market exchange. Just considering this, Nevada bonds are a bad investment."

Olson has tried working with State Treasurers to organize a Muni Market exchange. ( The goal is to get U.S. Municipalities, such as States, to “list” their bonds, similar to the way stocks are listed, in order to improve the Muni Market – especially the Muni Market secondary. According to Olson, in a secretive and closed meeting State Treasurers voted against investors and voted against improving the Muni Markets. Kate Marshall is Vice Chair of the National Association of State Treasurers.

Olson went on to say: "Kate Marshall and the Nevada State Treasurers Office know me... I've dealt with them in past. Unfortunately, I think Kate is just padding her resume... State Treasurer, Chair of NAST and so on. But the reality is Kate Marshall is just another Wall Street dupe."

Olson also operates where he continues his work as a public finance watchdog and investor advocate. For more information, contact Olson at or